First blog post – Backpack selection.

Well it seems as thought my first post is going to be rather dull- sorry folks.

But then, why not? All adventures start that way. They start with an often depressing realisation, and then sacrifice. Hard work. Planning.

So back to the point. I’m a total backpack novice. I never knew there were so many types, sizes, features… It’s honestly mind boggling.

So after some research, and some looking in shops I’ve got a better idea of what I want. I know I want with 60L. I know I was zip away straps. I want it to be light. And probably black. Also front loading and lightweight. But of course sturdy. So I don’t want much… Keep you posted on which one I end up ordering!

Also – I’ve decided to document my last few weeks in the UK. I’m going to fit in as many lovely things as I can.


I am just at the start of my exciting new journey.
Follow my blog for tips on saving, planning. Watch me blossom into a backpacker with guides on places I visit around the world.

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