Trip to Surrey

So after a wonderful WOD (work out of the day, for non-crossfit readers) in the first bit of spring sunshine Kevin and I drove up to Surrey to see everyone. We went for a really nice walk from Bushy Park over to Hampton Court Palace gardens at sunset with Mum, Paul and Hannah. We broke into the amazing bit you’re supposed to pay for, it was perfectly quiet and there was a nice soft pink sky.

After some pulled pork we went to have drinks with my besties and their boifs. Nice to meet the new faces and so so nice to all the in a room together at the same time! 🙂
Massive thanks to Lou for being such a gracious hostess and for baking that delicious cake.

There were other photos taken, (including one with someones balls in) and one with us all smiling nicely at the camera but I just like this one a lot.

We were able to spend some time with my Dad and Carole on Sunday as well. Kevin’s first time meeting them which was nice!



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