First steps of planning

I’m not wealthy, I don’t have a well paid job. I didn’t have savings already lined up.

When I decided to do this the idea was daunting. I’ve never tried to save money before and I was already one of those people who dipped into my credit card (or sometimes ‘The Bank of Mum’ or ‘Dad’) in those few days building up to payday.

I needed to make some big changes.

First a made a spreadsheet to see if it was possible/ when it was possible.
This factored in all of my monthly outgoings: rent, bills, car insurance, phone bill, gym etc. minus that from your income and that’s the number you have to play with.

Next, you have to set your goal. For me it looked like this.
??           Pay of credit card (I can’t even remember the horrible number.)
£3100   Money to enter Australia
£500     Flights
£275     Visa
£525     Initial Sydney tour
£200     Insurance (1year)
£100     Bag + Accessories

So £4,125 was my target. Simple. Scary.

I made a spreadsheet to work out how long it was take me to save that amount of money, stuck to the monthly required amounts and now I’m going to Australia…
If only it were that simple!

See my Saving Tips post for ideas on how to make your monthly ‘target’ attainable.

I am just at the start of my exciting new journey.
Follow my blog for tips on saving, planning. You get to watch me blossom into a backpacker with guides on places I’ve visited

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