We’re here!

My first impressions of Sydney were… Why is it raining??

We took a taxi into the city and arrived at our hotel, The Amora. We are staying on the 28th floor, you can see for miles up here! The room is the exact room I asked for, saw awesome pictures of a bath overlooking the city which we requested. Looking forward to sampling that tomorrow!


So we settled in, had a glass of wine out of the fridge, took a much needed shower and ordered room service. Oh my, perhaps one of the best BBQ beef ribs I’ve ever eaten.


Bellies full, and tired from travelling, we dozed off at a reasonable time.
Roll on 3am… I’m now wide awake! Hence writing this gobbledegook.



I think we’re going to take it fairly easy. We’re booked into a 7 day group tour next week so don’t want to duplicate what they have planned for us – so we’re just going to walk around.

So we will hit the gym, hit the breakfast buffet and maybe go for a swim. I think we’re going to wonder around the Royal Botanical Gardens and figure out somewhere nice for lunch and dinner (No more room service… one off treat!)

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