Sydney – Royal Botanical Gardens, Manly, and trying to get dinner.

So after Saturdays belly full we managed to get to sleep at a decent time. Only to wake up full of beans at 3am!! So we waited it out, went to the gym at 6am. After that I went for a swim and Kevin had some sauna time to try to sweat out his cold.

Breakfast time came and like pigs in shit we stuffed our faces and got chatting to a nice lady over breakfast. She recommended Manly so we ended up taking a trip there. More on that later.

We strolled to the Royal Botanical Gardens, the city streets here aren’t like England. They aren’t narrow, full of busy arseholes and covered in crap. It’s a pretty clean city, the pavements are wide so it feels spacey, you forget you’re being loomed over by towering skyscrapers.

Royal Botanical Gardens

Are beautiful. I don’t know what I was expecting but it wasn’t this!
I love the way the buildings hang over the park, you can totally forget you’re in a city then you look behind you and you’re like “Oh, yeah. I remember now”

It’s full of birds, like Ibis, white Cockatoos and Magpie-Larks. (This is for you, Mum!) The cockatoo’s are REALLY noisy.

Walking around, in awe of the plants and staggering height of the palm trees we noticed a massive spider. And once you’ve noticed one, you notice two. Then three. Then four. and so on and then they’re everywhere and then  you FREAK OUT AND LEAVE.

We walked out of the park toward the Opera House. It’s way bigger than I expected. Looks pretty cool. Kevin kept reminding me the architect was Danish.


We went to meet Ash, a friend who we used to work with in Brighton, we got the ferry over to Manly. It’s a really nice town on the beach. Laid back and has a really cute little market stalls.

We sat on the beach then went for a cocktail, we tried to find some food in the sun but ended up getting something to eat on the beach, where seagulls proceeded to circle us, there was even a ring of footprints around us in the sand.

But they couldn’t scare me. What they don’t know is I’m from Brighton and we have the biggest sea gulls in the universe. Their squarks and puffed chests paled in insignificance.

Trying to Find Dinner

After we said goodbye to Ash we stumbled and slurred our way back to the hotel to have a bath. We were so deliriously tired that when we were walking around we must have looked drunk.

So apparently normal people don’t eat out in Sydney. Only people with terrible taste, or expensive taste. We finally found a couple of decent options but were so tired and grumpy (hangry) that we just ended up getting room service. Oops.

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