Sydney – Catamaran trip

There were a few sore heads this morning. We went out last night with the group to a bar that’s connected to the hostel we are staying at. It turns out I’m pretty good at giant Jenga and embarrassing Kevin with my drunk white girl dance moves.
Today after a stroll through the city, we picked up some drinks and snacks for the boat. I discovered my new favourite crisps (Red Rock – Honey Soy Chicken Chips).

We had a way nicer catamaran than I expected! We were driven out of Darlington Harbour, passed under Sydney Bridge and got a great view of the Opera House. We anchored out by a small private beach surrounded by forest. We jumped in the water and had a swim, before freezing our tits off (it’s mostly girls in our group), and hopping back on the boat for a Barbie.
FYI – There was no shrimp.

This is where I learned a new drinking game. We’ve named it “Pete’s Game” because some bloke named Pete showed it to Zak in Thailand or something. I’m not sure what the captain thought was happening when there were 15 people miming boob flashing and ‘jacking off’ hand gestures. Never mind, he was young once!

Few hours later we headed back to land. This was actually my favourite bit, the sunset was so incredibly beautiful! The silhouette of the trees, the bridge and the city with the gold reflection on the water was completely amazing. I don’t think I’ll forget that for a while.

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