Nelson Bay – Base Camp

So Basecamp is a few hours drive outside Sydney near Nelson Bay, it was a straight forward journey apart from the part where I ripped my jeans (more on this later). It’s quite remote, so much less people, much more ‘nature’.

We watched the sun setting while we were on the bus leaving the city, so it was pretty dark when we arrived. After being greeted by an ecstatic three legged dog we got a brief tour of the place and an intro talk where our host Michelle told us about the things that could (and couldn’t) kill us. It took several gins for me to chill out a bit because there were massive spiders everywhere. I got stuck with a bed on the top bunk so had to sleep in Kevin’s little single bed as I didn’t want spiders to drop on my head.

At mid night a few of us went down to the beach, it was bright because of the full moon, you could distinguish the sand from the ocean for quite a way up the coastline. Kevin attempted to turn my ripped jeans into shorts, apart from it didn’t work at all and now they’re in the bin.


A few of us dragged ourselves out of bed at 5.15am to watch the sun come up, I left Kevin asleep. It really was beautiful, a bit chilly but well worthwhile. Kevin didn’t appreciate my ice cold legs when I got back into bed.

Sand boarding

After a small nap and a big breakfast we headed out in the 4×4’s to the sand dunes and were told about the Worimi history of the sand dunes. I was in complete awe of the landscape, the dunes looked as though they went on forever when you looked to the side, but were locked top and bottom between the ocean and forest.

We were lucky enough to be the only people there for the whole time we were sand boarding as we got there nice and early. I’m not sure of it was skill or brilliance, but I got the longest run on the sand boards! I think this might have annoyed Kevin (I signed my line with ‘LG’ in the sand and he replaced it with ‘ASSHOLE’).

We got back in the cars and drove to the beach, some of the dunes needed a few attempts and a run up so although the drive was short it wasn’t boring. We were taught how to get a pipi by digging with our feet. Racing them essentially means dropping them on the sand and seeing who’s buries itself quickest. They have these weird tongue things that dig into the sand.

Tomaree Mountain

It’s less of a mountain, and more of a hill. It’s a really nice hill, though.
After a short climb we hit a couple of viewpoints, it’s stunning up there.

After all that we headed back to base, had a well deserved lunch and a nap. Then after dinner we had a BBQ and hung out with Josie the kangaroo for a bit.

After yet more drinking games and more gin I actually managed to sleep despite still being constantly on edge about creepy crawlies.

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