Dolphin watching

Miraculously I had no hangover that day. After breakfast (I had two courses again), we had to pack up the rooms, check out, and say goodbye to our new kangaroo friend.

There had been some mystery over random bits of foam that appeared all over the floor by our bed. As Kevin went to pack his stuff away it turns out the foam was all from his backpack. He’d been unwittingly carrying around a bag of peanuts for the last three years. He wore this backpack almost everyday for work, but it would seem it only took a few hours for a Possum to sniff it out and eat it.
Fun possum fact – they don’t know how to use zippers, so they eat their way into your bag. They are worst kind of  thief.

Dolphin cruise

It was bloody cold and I wasn’t really that optimistic about seeing any dolphins so I was a bit grumpy.  After half an hour on the water we noticed another boat had stopped because they’d spotted dolphins! So we basically went over and stole them.

As we drove on the dolphins followed us for about 5 minutes, it was pretty awesome.

After some food we journeyed back to the city, it was a long ass bus followed by a long ass train. But I discovered Tango slushies and train seats that turn around so I guess that was 5 hours of my life well spent.

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