This will be quick…

Because everyone’s gathered in our dorm room to play rummy and I’m missing out.

So Friday night, after everything we’ve eaten the past few days, we decided to eat healthy and go to the supermarket to buy stuff for chicken salad. Upon leaving the supermarket we both had that KFC glint in our eyes and took our beloved salad for a trip out for a sit down fast food meal.

Yesterday (Saturday) we had a ‘free day’ in the city which meant time to replace jeans. I found a pair in Target which I ended up going back to buy today. In the evening we actually ate the salad and then went out on a pretty shoddy bar crawl (the only good bit was going to be the limo/ party bus, but that was cancelled), then came back to our old faithful bar downstairs, Sidebar.

Sky Zone

Today we were meant to to for a walk from Bondi to Coogee but frankly (sorry about my language, Mum) it was pissing it down.
About 8 of us decided to head out of central to go to Sky Zone, which is like Air Hop in the UK and I’m now the proud owner of some pretty snazzy socks.

Kevin made me write this – After our game of dodgeball, which I am embarrassingly terrible at, there was a little ball throwing contest where you basically have to carefully lob the ball across the room and a machine measures the speed. Kevin won out of everyone at 94km an hour. Well done Kevin’s biceps.

Simon – you should know Kevin, although confident and competent, wasn’t the best trampoliner.

Surf Camp

Tomorrow we’re up bright and early to check out of our hostel and go to surf camp. We’ve got 5 days and 4 nights where we don’t have to worry about food, accommodation which will be great! In addition there is a chance I will learn to surf.

Rumour has it there is no mobile signal and no wi-fi so I might be quiet on here for a few days. How will Instagram cope without me?

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