Surf Camp

So I felt like I’d seen pretty much all the good stuff in Sydney (I was wrong- more on this later…) so I thought it’d kill some time and plan what to do while chilling out by the beach with some familiar faces.

This is not what happened.

I planned nothing because there is no internet signal, no wi-fi, and only tentative mobile signal. Also there is no free time and you’re constantly exhausted from being bruised and battered by waves, surfboards and other random objects.

This aside I actually had a really good time and met some great people.

The first day went pretty well, I was actually able to stand on a surfboard. If you’ve ever met me or have any impression of my sporting ability this will impress you as much as I impressed myself. I mentioned to one of the coaches that Kevin’s birthday was coming up and asked if we could surprise him with a chocolate cake… With the plans underway I felt I could relax as things seemed to be in safe hands.

Day two was also okay in the morning, waves were a bit too choppy and were coming in sideways because of the french wind (inside joke) but I still did alright and actually felt myself improve!
Day two afternoon – different story. Maybe it was because I was tired, maybe I am just shit. But I face-planted the sea SO many times SO SO hard. After that it was a bit downhill with regard to my surfing ability but I still had fun so never mind. I was never going to be a surfing champion anyway.

In the evening we got pretty drunk with yet more drinking games and got to know each other a bit better. We were playing a drinking game with cards where you can add rules to certain numbers, Kevin tried to engineer the game so that he’d end up wearing everyones clothes as it was pretty cold. Luckily there’s power in numbers, a few of us ganged up on him and as it turned midnight he was wearing very little (one sock and his boxers) which is a pretty good way to turn 30!
In another game we got to know a couple of people VERY well – pictures probably not blog appropriate…

Okay. Maybe just one.

Wednesday morning everyone was singing Happy Birthday to the birthday boy and one of the managers came out and wished him a good day, then said “we’ve got you a birthday cake, let’s all get some beers together later”. So it’s good that I spent days trying to keep the surprise plans low key!

I surfed in the morning, but in the afternoon I skipped the lesson to go and work out by myself. It was actually really nice to have a bit of time alone, so I picked a nice spot in the sun with an awesome view and did a gymless WOD with body weight exercises.

In the evening everyone came together to have a few (quite a few) drinks and we shared out the birthday cake. Instead of candles we had lighters that Kevin had to make a wish on!
We ended up pretty drunk and playing spin the bottle on the beach… spin the bottle doesn’t work when there’s a couple.

Despite a mild hangover I surfed on Thursday morning and then a few us took did yoga instead of another surf in the afternoon. On the way I met a tiny little lizard and he was SOOO cute.

We banded together to beat the Jenga record, it started out as fun but in the end it got pretty tense! We each enjoyed a swig of our prize beer.

It’s been along time since I’ve seen as much rain as I saw on the Friday. And I’m form England. Instead of surfing I took the chance to catch up on some laundry with a couple of the girls and get everything packed up before we headed to our luxury AirBnb for the next two nights 🙂

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