Kevin’s Birthday weekend

Friday Night

After almost a week of being battered by waves and trying to fit two people in a tiny single bed, staying in a super nice AirBnb was the treat we needed.
We met Kate (one of my oldest and bestest friends) in central then headed out to the house, got settled, then set out of drinks and food.

With all the best intentions of being healthy, we ended up getting a big bottle of gin and a pizza. (There’s a bit of a pattern emerging around our healthy eating intentions.)
In my tired and dazed state I managed to order a Hawaiian with mushroom, instead of ham and mushroom. Livid.

We were later joined by Nicole and Holly (some real life Aussie’s) and a couple of their Aussie friends. We drank a belly full and headed into town to meet our friend Ash, and the surfers we’d just spent the week with at the infamous Side Bar. Sydney’s classiest venue.

That is literally the only photo I took.

Things got pretty wild, and my memory is a bit hazy. All I remember is dancing and laughing, and after we left Side Bar (because the bouncers kicked out the most sober person in our squad) we went to a sports bar. I don’t remember much about that place but I know that I had to vet some guy for Nicole, who didn’t trust Drunk Nicole’s judgement. She was right not to – he was hot (ex army), but very weird.


Saturday wasn’t a very energetic day… we nursed our wounds, ate some bacon, and headed back out.
In my last post I said I had thought I’d seen everything good in Sydney, but Ashleigh suggested we go to Newtown for some food and drinks. It’s worlds apart form Central Sydney! I loved it there!!

We went to a bar called ‘The Bank’ which was basically a big bar, with lots of little bars inside. The food was tasty, and reasonably priced. I had the most delicious burger ever and stole some of Kate’s squid which turned out to be spicier than I thought it would be.

Because of my quite apparent love of burgers, the cute bar man suggested we try another burger place in town… we went there on Sunday.

After the first bar we went on to another place with a huge garden area. I managed to order the most disgusting wine in the world but I didn’t let that stop me drinking it.
Kate thoughtfully poured some salt on me to ‘make me more delicious’ so I did the same to her handbag.

We headed back to the highstreet and ordered an Uber. Despite eating a massive burger a few hours earlier Kevin decided to grab a pie to take home. Which he them dropped in the taxi when he fell asleep.


I made eggs on toast for Zak and I. He crowned me world’s best egg poacher.
We all headed to Bondi, which is beautiful!

After a sad goodbye to our native friends, Kevin, Zak, Kate, Ash and I took a walk around a few different beaches on a cliff walk with an awesome view.

When I say awesome view, I think the girls liked the scenery wheres Kevin and Zak likes the volley ball girls.

We went to the Burger place we were recommended in town (Bar Luca) where I tried the Blame Canada burger. It had EVERYTHING in it. Huge beef burger, maple glazed bacon, mash, gravy and chips, and probably some other stuff I’ve forgotten about. Also they have the best alioli ever.

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