Road trip!! Day One

We bought a car! We’ve actually managed to fluke it and buy a really decent car for cheap. She’s a Subaru Forrester named Subo.

FYI buying a car in Australia is so confusing… Pink slips… green slips… rego… WTF!?!?!

After kitting out the car with sweets, furry number 8 balls, and scatter cushions (all the essentials) I did the honours of first drive. It was all a bit weird as I was quite nervous about A) zero experience of driving in another country, and B) zero experience of driving an automatic (aside from moving Cleo’s car about 2 foot).

We went out of the city to the Blue Mountains, according to the sat nav we were in beautiful scenery but it was dark so I couldn’t see anything. We stayed at the weirdest hostel ever. The architecture was beautiful art deco with high ceilings, however some cretin decided to paint everything multi-coloured. The backpackers we’re an odd bunch, I was definitely the only person in the common room who hadn’t seen Star Wars. Though one of them did give me a free glass of wine so I shouldn’t bitch too much.

After heading into the town to buy food (complete ghost town, with a lot of ‘mountain’ themed shops and cafe’s), we planned our hike and got an early night.

Day One

I woke up and made porridge for the boys, and prepared sandwiches to take on our day trip.
It was a short drive to a beautiful viewpoint where you can see the ‘Three Sisters’. They aren’t people, they’re rocks.

We drove onwards to the car park for the Golden Staircase. The reason there’s a staircase is because basically it’s too bloody steep, walking on the actual ground would be a suicide mission. You would literally fall and die. So they’ve made a staircase, named it, and turned it into a bit of a feature. Nothing is gold there by the way.

It took a while to get down, then we spent about an hour hiking through very tall, very wild forest. It’s much more interesting than the forests in England. Kevin was asking lots of questions about snakes, so being the kind girlfriend I am, I reassured him that if a snake were to want to bite him, it would bite him quicker than he could react so there was no point worrying about it.
Sadly I didn’t see any snakes.

We came across a ‘dunny’ (outdoor toilet) which Zak bravely used. That marked the final 600m climb to the Ruined Castle. We got to the top and were like “OMG what an amazing rock” so we climbed up, got comfortable and ate lunch.
The Ruined Castle isn’t actually a castle, it is also rocks. Basically everything is rocks.

This is the rock we ate lunch on:

Then we wandered on a little further and found some way better rocks. When you’re at the top of these rocks you basically feel invincible and all you can see for 360 degrees is trees. But they go on for so far that they look like grass. And also you can see mountains obviously because you’re in a mountain range. you could even see the Three Sisters in the distance, we’d walked so far that they started to look pretty small.

I’m waiting to hear from Nike to tell me they want to use this shot for an advert.
#hunks #losers

Here’s a picture from the top of the Golden Steps on the way up, where you can see the Ruined Castle in the distance:

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