Day two! Blue Mountains to Collaroy

So yesterday as we were leaving the Blue mountains we had nothing planned. With Kevin asleep in the back and Zak behind the wheel it was down to me to decide where to stop and find some last minute accommodation.

After calling a couple of hostels (one with no car access, one with no rooms spare), the only place I found that could take us was Collaroy. And so it was decided!

A couple of hours later we checked in to a much more vibrant YHA than the previous night! After dropping off our bags we headed over the road for a few drinks and some more unhealthy food.
We came ‘home’ tipsy, had showers and got some sleep.

We had planned a day of planning, and relaxing. So it was important to lay doing nothing on the beach for a few hours.
I’m not very experienced when it comes to sandy beaches (sad, I know) so I wasn’t very good at keeping sand off of my towel. So I shook it off covering Kevin in a fine layer of sand. Apparently this is not good beach etiquette.

After some sushi and salad we made our way to Palm Beach, where Home & Away was filmed. I didn’t recognise anything, but it is probably the most beautiful seaside town I’ve seen. Everyone there is rich and the houses are mini mansions. And we’re 90% sure Drake drove past us at some point.

After a stroll around and making some art in the sand we drove back for dinner, and to do the planning we said we would.
And I am finally up to date on my blog!

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